Client Videos

Here’s a list of the improv festivals, shows, and groups who’ve used Improvative Productions to record their videos:

Improvaganza! Hawaii Festival of Improv
Peach Pit (San Francisco) – 2 shows
Liss n’ Sams (San Francisco) – 2 shows
Loose Screws (Honolulu) – 2 shows [Show + Legacy Award | Second show]
The Improv Bandits (Auckland, New Zealand) – 2 shows [Show 1 | Show 2]
Free Range Comedy (Kihei-Maui, Hawaii)
Inner Voices (Honolulu)
The New Messrs (Honolulu)
USS Improvise: The Next Generation (Portland, Oregon)
B&B (Portland, Oregon)
The Alohahas (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)
Role For It (Honolulu)
Cotton Gin (Seattle)
B.A.B.E. in “I Love Musicals” (Portland, Oregon)
4&20 in “Conspiracy” (Seattle)
A Bard’s Tale (Auckland, New Zealand)
On the Spot in “Hush” (Honolulu)

The San Francisco Improv Festival
Andrew and Mithra (San Francisco)
So You Want a Job (San Francisco)
History Made Up (Des Moines, Iowa)
Odell & DeJong (San Francisco)
The Hardy Boys (San Diego)
Bingewatch (San Francisco)
The Recchia (San Francisco)
Landry & Summers (Los Angeles)
The Trifecta (San Francisco)
Razowsky & Hamilton (San Francisco/Chicago)
Prudence & Pervis: The Purdy Twins (Los Angeles)
Jetzo (Los Angeles)
B&B (Portland, Oregon)
redDoor (Los Angeles)
Eightball (Los Angeles)
Harlequin (Austin)

The West Coast Musical Improv Festival
Bookends (San Francisco/New York)
Pitch, Please (Los Angeles)
Dystopia! The Musical (Seattle)
A Tribe Called Yes (Seattle)

Individual Groups at Femprovisor Fest
Pearl (Los Angeles)
The Perennials (Oakland)
Bad Girrlz (Portland, Oregon)
Ratas de Dos Patas (Chicago)
La Spazzatura (San Francisco)
Peach Pit (San Francisco)
Betse & Burns (Portland, Oregon/San Francisco)

Individual Groups at San Diego Improv Festival
All That Jazz (San Francisco)
B&B (Portland, Oregon)
Fangala! (San Francisco)

Independent Productions (San Francisco Bay Area)
Odell & DeJong
Smarty Pants
All That Jazz
Fancy Planets
San Francisco Tonight
Peach Pit
Wake Up, Wyoming!
Past Our Prime Time Players