Private Coaching and Workshops

Dominica May is available to coach, direct, and teach improv workshops on a flexible schedule. To hire Dominica in this capacity, performers should already have received training from an improv school, so we don’t have to cover the basics. The San Francisco Bay Area has plenty of improv schools to choose from if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want training that is consistent with Dominica’s training, then check out Leela and/or Moment Improv Theatre.

All groups who hire Dominica as a coach or director will receive access to Improvative Productions’s document on “Improvisation Production Manager Best Practices and Guidelines,” which includes information on booking and attending shows, festivals, social media and promotion, and guidelines for professionalism.

Speciality Improv Skills

The specific areas Dominica is most interested in coaching and teaching in private workshops include:

  • Getting comfortable in silence
  • Dramatic improv
  • Emotions and relationships
  • Authentic reactions
  • Physicality
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Stage picture

However, if you’ve seen Dominica perform using other specific skills you wish to be part of your session(s), then feel free to enquire further.

If you are interested in working with Dominica as a consistent director, bear in mind that she will also discuss with you a lot to do with professional conduct, and collaborate with you to develop a show that is specifically going to carry your hearts and be uniquely-you. Her vision for production value comes from the desire to get non-improvisers in your audience seats.

Available Workshops

Improvise with the Strengths of an Autistic Person

Dominica May has lived her entire life on the autistic spectrum, though she only learned this truth from a specialist in 2017. Upon learning this, she realised that so much of what audiences enjoyed about her improv performances came from automatic choices she made as the result of being autistic. This workshop deals with learning how to make those choices on stage. Specifically: noticing the details; stating the obvious; ignoring social niceties; and getting excited about the shiny thing.

Scheduling Private Sessions

Dominica can be booked on a flexible schedule that works for your improv group, either on a once-off or ongoing basis, to coach or teach a customized workshop based on your needs. She understands that many improvisers in the SF Bay Area have inconsistent schedules that can make it difficult to schedule a specific day on a regular basis. This has been a prominent part of scheduling rehearsals and performances with the talented improvisers she works with most consistently.


Dominica can coach groups and teach workshops to up to 6 people at a time in her space in Jingletown, a 15 minute walk from Fruitvale BART in Oakland, in accordance with Oakland’s zoning laws. Street parking and two driveway spaces are also available. If you wish for larger groups or a different venue, then you are responsible for finding and paying for the space you wish to work in.