Video Production and Editing

Many improv and comedy festivals require video submissions, either of a full, unedited show, or a show edited down to a specific length (e.g. SF Sketchfest requires video submissions of 20 minutes or less). Dominica May can be hired to video and edit your live shows, either for festival submission purposes, just to share online, or for your group to review the show. Turn around time can be discussed according to your needs.

The number one complaint about videos of improv shows tends to be “I can’t hear what they’re saying! The audio is terrible!” The equipment Dominica has available records audio better than you might be able to produce yourself. Visit our video production and editing page for sample videos.

Improvative Productions has recorded improv shows for: Improvaganza! Hawaii Festival of Improv; The San Francisco Improv Festival; The West Coast Musical Improv Festival; and local San Francisco groups.

Coaching and Workshops

Need someone to coach or direct your improv group? Or want to learn more of Dominica Malcolm’s methods? Check out our coaching and workshops page for our full offerings.

WordPress/Website Services

Does your improv troupe need a website and you don’t know where to start? Do you have a website already but don’t have the time to update it? Dominica has been using WordPress to build websites for over 10 years (including this one you’re looking at right now!). She knows how to install the plugins you might want to use. Embed video. Create an event calendar. Because there is a wide range of features available, and therefore time that may be involved, cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis.