Sean O’Malley

Dear prospective buyer-in-need-of-video-services,

You’re in for a treat. I’ve worked with Dominica on two previous video projects for my improv rock’n’roll band Oil in the Alley. You can see the finished products here:
He Makes You Laugh
Rule the World (Skulls & Dragons)
She also threw in this less-produced live recording during that session.
Dominica’s flexibility was a big asset to these videos, which were necessarily produced in unusual ways. For He Makes You Laugh, Dominica recorded an entire evening’s live set, after which we selected one song to be featured and then came up with intercut scenes to film over the next 48 hours (which was all the time she was in Hawaii for the project). It was done on the fly and edited later on, which was the perfect match for the feel of our improv work onstage.
Dominica was a pleasure to work with, collaborative and cooperative and ready to listen to crazy ideas and try new things. In the editing phase she was open to suggestions and constructive criticism, and responded to our needs as a band and an improv act (lip syncing to a preexisting audio track is hard work!)
She’s got a feel for the improv world and I’d recommend her for any documentation of improv work or next-level creative video production.

Have fun!